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Most of the dents that happen under this category seem to happen in a parking lot. Maybe a cart was carelessly left to blow across the lot into your car door — and you came back to a surprise dent.


These things happen, but our mobile team can repair the damage affordably and fast.

The careless dent

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Weather can turn ugly fast, and it just takes one hail storm to give you a good set of dings on your car. By avoiding the body shop and car rentals, we can save you hundreds of dollars, and you'll get great results.


Our unique method uses specialized tools to work from the inside to remove these dents.

The natural-disaster dent

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The mystery dent is probably the most frustrating of all the dents. One minute your car is fine and then next trip home you notice it — the dreaded dent.


You have no idea what could have happened but now the dent is all you notice. Let us amaze you with our dent removal solution.

The mystery dent

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Our professional team can arrive at your home or office on the 'Treasure Coast' to complete the dent repair — you won't miss work for repairs. We don't use fillers, paint, or sanding because our superior process works from the inside to smooth your dent. Contact us today and let us wow you with the results!


Dents are bound to happen. Between careless people, natural phenomenon,

and skinny parking spaces, our cars can end up dented and dinged. We're here to fix it.

You can have the advantage of huge savings comparing to a body shop repair, routinely saving hundreds of dollars. There is no need either for losing time from work or for a rental car. We accept all insurance work.

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